Speed Test

  • We are providing the subscribers the benefit of online speed tests and that too at a very negligible cost.
  • The pattern of the speed tests are designed by a board of teachers which include retd IAS, PCS, Banking Officials, PHD teachers and other officials.

Educational Fares

  • We will be conducting educational fares at an interval of 3 months time period. Here in we will be providing.
    • wide range of choices.
    • open ended conversations.
    • scholarship opportunities.
    • roadmap for better future.


  • we are providing our subscribers with scholarship programs which we will be conducting per quarter in a year and will be providing scholarships to the top 100 qualifying students of our batch. The top 5 students will be given a grand opportunity of getting admission in Shri Ram Institute of Delhi and rest of the students will be provided admission to Mahindra's or ACL or whichever of their own choices.

Online Counselling

  • We are providing the subscribers the feature of online counseling. Herein we work with adolescents seeking to explore career options and also the people seeking employment.
  • We have career counselors, who support individuals in understanding their situations, so as to work through issues towards solutions.
  • Our career counselor group members include Retired IAS, Retd. PCS, Banking Officials, PHD teachers, and other officials.

Management Team

Mentor, Entrepreneur & Director



  • Vision

    The Group Aspires To Institutionalize Internationally Recognized SOP’s - Standard Operating Procedures In Its Quest To Become A Nationally Acclaimed Brand Having A Diversified Portfolio.

  • Mission

    The Mission Of ****** Is To Prepare Candidates With Quality, Meaningful Tutoring Experiences To Assist Them In Becoming Proficient In All The Areas Essential To Excel In All Aspects Of Life.

    ***** educational private limited , with its mission statement just wishes to create a dynamic and sustainable setup of new age teaching methodology where the students is guided to use modern day technical support but with the traditional approach of teaching(of our country): "Gurur-Brahmaa Gurur-Vissnnur-Gururdevo Maheshvarah Gurur Sakshaat Param Brahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah."

    We At ***** Believe In One Saying "FIRST STEP TAKEN IS HALF THE BATTLE WON". Are Constantly In A Process Of Preparing Our Students For The Future And Guiding Them With Our Specially Designed Tools And Techniques So That They May Crack Any Competitive Exam They Attempt

  • Philosophy

    ********’s a Group which works with the motive of serving a broad section of the society and is among the leading institutions in the given field.

  1. Exhaustive Course Content.

  2. Unparalled, uncomparable team of teachers.

  3. Separate specialised teachers for every section.

  4. Focus on tricks and short cuts in Maths and reasoning.

  5. Adequate competitive environment among students.

  6. Adequate competitive environment among students

  7. Student-friendly faculty members, always available to guide you.

  8. Interview preparation by highly experienced retired bankers.

  9. Regular Exam Alerts and Application Assistance.

  10. In a week two tests.